Selecting the Best Personal Breathalyzer

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If you’ve been searching for the best breathalyzer to suit your personal alcohol tester needs, here are a few considerations you should keep in mind before buying.

The best suited breathalyzer for any individual who wants to test their blood alcohol content (BAC) on a regular basis is one with a fuel cell sensor. The fuel cell sensor technology is normally found in professional devices. The reason a fuel cell model is considered the best technology is due to it’s superior accuracy over other sensors such as the semiconductor. While the professional breathalyzer is created for professional use by law enforcement, clinics and other professional environments, many models are FDA 501(k) approved for sale and use by the general public.

keychain breathalyzer test Finding the right breathalyzer will also depend on budget of course. Since the fuel cell personal breathalyzer is often more expensive than the semiconductor models, it may be out of reach for some individuals. Generally speaking, the fuel cell breathalyzers range in price from approximately $120 to upwards of $400. Although with that said, the better semiconductor models are near the $100 price level so it may, in some cases, make more sense to go with the professional grade.

The greater accuracy of the professional, fuel cell breathalyzer is partially dependent on the sensor’s ability to detect the difference between alcohol and higher acetone levels which can be found in individuals with diabetes or those on low calorie diets. Also, a professional device features the ability to give the same result on the same individual when tested repeatedly. In other words, if the same person blows into the mouthpiece in test after test, the results will be similar more often from a fuel cell sensor than a semiconductor model.

Selecting the correct device for your needs will also depend on the device’s ability to pull in an adequate deep lung breath sample. Many professional and portable breathalyzer devices feature a built “fan” of sorts that will pull the sample in and thus assure the proper deep lung sample is acquired. Many will also beep or otherwise alert the testing individual if the sample is incomplete and testing needs to be repeated.

best breathalyzer Finding the best breathalyzer for your needs may also depend on recalibration requirements. The majority of both personal breathalyzer and professional breathalyzer models need to be returned to the manufacturer after a number of tests so that they can be re-calibrated and shipped back. This is usually done every 1,000 tests (some don’t require recalibration for 1,500 tests) at a cost of about $30-$50. For individuals, it’s likely that the recalibration needs will be a lot less than those devices used for professional use. Either way, it is important, for the greatest accuracy that the devices are re-calibrated and that testing is done as directed by the manufacturer.

When deciding on the correct device for your personal use, its best to take all the above information into account. It’s also a wise idea to hop online a read individual reviews form people who have used the devices such as on Amazon. No matter what device you decide to use, you can be rest assured that you won’t be driving under the influence and pose no danger to yourself or others on the road.

How to Teach Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Driving a car is something that young people, especially young boys, can’t wait to do. They take drivers training, get learners permits, and count down the days until they can get the all important drivers license. Unfortunately with all of that, there are many things that won’t be learned until they spend some time actually driving. No matter how good people get at driving, there are a couple of things that a driver has little control over. One thing is how much control do you have over whether something breaks in your vehicle. Another thing that you have very little control over when you are in a car, is what the other drivers will do.

No BAC LevelsThat is why the most important thing you can learn when you first start driving, is how to do defensive driving. It takes a special skill to protect your family by watching all of the other drivers and anticipating what they are going to do. It is a good idea to find a course on defensive driving, because it isn’t something that necessarily comes naturally. Fixing road mishaps, or preventing them in the first place will be some of the things you will learn in this type of class. When you are driving defensively, you are taking defensive measures to keep from having an accident. The best way to care for your passengers is to keep your eye on the road and other drivers.

To be a defensive driver there are a number of things for you to do, starting with being aware of possible situations. One of the best traits of a defensive driver is anticipation. It is amazing that if you are paying attention, you can usually tell if someone is going to pull in front of you. Always be aware of the tire pressure, the oil, water, and gas levels, along with checking mirrors and lights. Always have the necessary papers, as well as your driver’s license.

When you drive defensively, you need to be calm, realizing people make mistakes, and you will make mistakes also. Stay away from road rage, no matter what happens, do not get mad at other drivers, and try to stay away from drivers that look like they drive angrily. When you are making the choice to be a defensive driver, it is a wise decision to buy a brightly colored car. Colors that give you a better chance of staying out of an accident are red, orange, yellow, and others just as bright.

This is a tip that should be known by everyone, and also done by everyone, and that is drive with your lights on at night. A good rule is to always be at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front of you, unless the conditions are bad, then stay five seconds behind. These are a few of the best defensive driving tips, but there are many more.